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About Us

Ten years of experience put to work for you!

Paylessmoke.com has been in the business of online cigarette sales for more than a decade. Those multiple years of experience will assure you the best possible experience, lowest possible prices and most secure process on the internet today. That's ten years of successful shipments, successful packaging, and thousand and thousands of happy customers. Such a long track record does not come without its problems of course, but with our long history we know exactly how to act to effectively and rapidly resolve any issue that may arise. As always never fear, your friendly customer service representative is just a phone call or email away if anything comes up!

Buy online and get your favorite brands at the lowest prices!

Not buying online? Then you are missing out on amazing savings! Why pay more than $70 $80 dollars a carton when you can buy them for as cheap as $20 a carton? Take a minute to do the math, that's a $50 saving per carton! We buy our cigarettes at low prices, we ship our own cigarettes, no middle man no extra charge, and we extend the savings to you: the consumer. The cigarettes we sell are of the highest quality, guaranteed to be fresh and shipped straight to your door step. We have a wide variety of brands of premium and super premium cigarettes, only European made. Even our most affordable brands are high quality cigarettes created with premium tobacco. Our prices are so affordable that you'll be able to enjoy your favorite cigarettes and not feel like you're burning money.

You, the customer is our priority!

We have a dedicated knowledgeable and qualified customer service team to help you from the beginning to the very end of your purchase! You will receive emails updating you on the progress of your order, from the moment you place it to moment it's put into your hands. Don't have a computer or access to your email account? No problem! Just call one of our customer service representatives to update you on the progress of your order, the status of your payment or the location of your packages. We have a decade of experience behind us and it's because we like to keep our customers happy! We also run regular promotions and discounts as a show of appreciation to our customers.

Safe and Secure to make sure that you and your information is protected

We have exhaustive measures in place to protect the privacy of your personal and payment details. We have numerous safeguards that protect you against fraud. We know how valuable your privacy is to you, so we make sure that your information, purchase and payment details are secure and anonymous to all outside agencies. We use the most secure form of online payment processing, E-check, used primarily in the financial sector due to the high level of security it offers. Anybody could steal your credit card and make thousands of dollars of purchase before you even realize your credit card was missing. E-Check does not allow for fraudulent purchases.

Are you interested in our Cigarette Dropshipping Program?

Paylessmoke.com provides Dropshipping services to business owners, website owners and home-based business people. Our company will drop ship all your cigarette orders directly to your customers from one of our bonded warehouses without you worrying about the costs associated with keeping inventory or managing a warehouse. You make the sale, we ship the orders, and you keep the profit! It's easy and free, so join us today!

If you are interested, please send an email at admin@cigaretteaffiliate.com

Are you interested in our Cigarette Affiliate Program?

Paylessmoke.com also offers Cigarette Affiliate Program where you can earn high commission for referring customers to buy our cigarette products. All you need to do is place a link to Paylessmoke.com on your website and earn a commission every time you refer a customer to us that makes a purchase in our store.

Our program is free to join, it's easy to sign-up and requires no technical knowledge. If you are interested and would like to know more, please sign up HERE or send an email at admin@cigaretteaffiliate.com

You can reach us on: 315-707-4477 (Monday to Friday 5.00a.m. to 5.00p.m. EST).

We also offer 24 hour email support.

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