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Legal Info

Am I legally allowed to buy from you?

Yes, provided that you're at least 21 years of age (or of the legal age required to purchase cigarettes within your state).

Please Note: Any cigarettes purchased on our site are solely for personal use, any other use is prohibited according to the protocol which the US CBP enforces.

How do you protect my Credit Card information?

We know that you may have concerns about the safety of your credit card and personal details when ordering through the Internet. That's why we're a secured site and use 128 bit RSA encryption (the same as Amazon.com, Starbucks, Bank of America, etc.)

How do you protect my personal information?

We are required by law not to disclose, under all circumstances, consumer data to any entity, individual, corporation, foreign government or foreign government authority regardless of claim. In short, we go to the greatest lengths humanly possible to keep your information both secure, and private.

Please note: Any cigarette retailers that are based within the United States are required under Title 15, chapter 10A of the US Code (Jenkins Act) to supply all information regarding customers who have purchased cigarettes from them, or they will face either a fine or jail sentence. As we are based outside of the US, we do not fall under the US Code, or any laws that are applicable through it, and therefore will never report you for any reason to any government or its agencies.

If you receive a notice to pay duty tax, reject the packages, and DO NOT sign the receipt for your package and it will be returned to our warehouse.

Once your package returns to the warehouse, a full refund for the value of these packages will be issued to you.

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